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Guide to Introductory Mentoring Sessions



  • ann.whitcomb

    There is a mixture of what the mentor does and what the client does that is confusing.


  • anthonyj.defazio

    This explanation still does not go into how and when to transfer a case to another Chapter..

    This process probably gives the client a false sense that the Mentor will be dealing with the client in the future, as they made a good start to a working relationship.

  • SCORE Staff

    anthonyj.defazio the mentor should be the lead contact for the client unless it is explicitly discussed that they recommend the client work with another mentor. They should then help the client find a new mentor either by assigning a team member, or by showing the client how to search for volunteer profiles and direct requests. 

  • James Breiner

    Ann.Whitcomb has a good point about the mixing of roles -- this document mostly focuses on the mentor's role. There should be a separate document with different contents for the client.


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