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FY25 Code of Ethics



  • david.nalley

    There should be a direct link  to you FY 23 code of ethic can do better.

  • SCORE Staff

    Hi David, we wish we could do that! In order to properly record the completion of courses, everyone does need to be logged into Engage first. So unfortunately a direct link is not possible with our current system limitations. If you have any challenges you can always contact and there is live chat available on this very page from 10-3pm ET every day during the Code of Ethics annual renewal period (July-September).

  • Mary Tucker

    We should have a direct link to the code of ethics like we did last year.

  • Mark Scolnick

    Tried again. I don't get how to do this. I have been a score volunteer and this could be my final day. 

  • SCORE Staff

    Hello! Thanks for your feedback. We have never been able to use a direct link to the Code of Ethics. It is a limitation to using a Learning Management System. You must be logged in to record completion of a course. 

    We are here and happy to help you live via chat on this page (from 10-3pm ET on weekdays) or you can always email and schedule a time for assistance outside of those hours. 

  • Maureen Robertson-Randall

    I can't access the code of ethics training

  • Ali Nekumanesh

    The process is rather cumbersome at best!  I agree with the assessments "can do better".  After several attempts, tried the chat, only find out no one there available yet!  


  • Janet Lee Drumwright-Hartley

    I hate to be a negative Nancy, but honestly I don't remember it being this hard in getting into COE.  Which by the way I still CAN NOT access. I changed the pop up blockers and I still cant get in.  If the platform does not allow a simple access, then maybe we should consider moving it to a different platform? .  


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